Ireland to Permit the Opening of Forty Small Casinos

Ireland to Permit the Opening of Forty Small Casinos

With the enactment of the Gambling Control Bill of 2013, Ireland has both eased restrictions on land based casinos in the country, as well as closed some loopholes regarding the online casino industry. This new bill has replaced the original Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 which has become outdated with new developments in the casino industry.

Ireland to Permit the Opening of Forty Small Casinos which will help drive the local economy, while still protecting vulnerable individuals and minors from potentially destructive gaming habits. This law has been designed to update the aging Irish gambling laws to be able to address the problems facing modern gambling.

The Features Of The New Small Casinos

Under the Gambling Control Bill, Ireland to Permit the Opening of Forty Small Casinos. These casinos may facilitate no more than 25 slot machines and a limit of 3 to 15 live table games will be imposed on these facilities. Additionally all casino operators must hold a licence from a state regulator. They must also hold a licence and make contributions to the Social Gambling fund which has been established to help fund gambling addiction programs.

The Reach Of The New Gaming Law

Some business men have had issues with this regulation as it puts a stranglehold on creating large casino operations. Notably a €460m casino in Co Tipperary has now been cancelled as its planning permission has been revoked. Businessman Richard Quirke and his investors have stated that the planned casino would have provided 2000 full time jobs after completion.

He further stated that the new casino complex would have injected a much needed shot of tourism to the area which will further boost economic activity. Most industry insiders have welcomed the move though as this new bill provides a much needed update from the original Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956. The forty small casinos will be spread all across Ireland, providing a casino gaming experience to a wide audience.

The Government Issued Statement

Ireland to Permit the Opening of Forty Small Casinos and no more is part of the bill spear headed by justice minister Alan Shatter. He stated this new bill repeals and replaces all established agreements regarding gambling, lotteries, bingo halls and sports betting , but will not influence the established National Lottery. This new bill will now also cover online gambling.

Alan Shatter stated that this legislation has a dual objective of providing sensible regulation of the new dynamic online gaming environment as well as more robust protection of vulnerable adults and young people. Alan Shutter further stated that he hopes the gambling sector will commit itself to the new laws in a meaningful way.

David Hickon, the director of the Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland said that this new bill will take Ireland out of the gambling dark ages and will move the country as a whole forward. He added that finally Ireland can rank its gaming laws to international standards set around Europe and the United States of America.

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