Online Wagering On Horse Racing In Australia

Horse Racing in Australia is one of the most popular spectator sports and also one of the most popular events with sports betting fans.

With Australia being only second to America when it comes to the number of Horse Racing events held each year, it is no surprise that in Australia it attracts both local and international sports bet fans.

With such a huge gambling industry surrounding these events, it just makes sense to make your wagering as simple and quick as possible.

This is where online sports betting steps in to make your life so much simpler.

Real Money Betting On Australian Races                  

Horse Racing wagering online can be done in Australian Dollars, American Dollars and Euros.

There are many more available currencies but these differ between each betting site with American Dollars being the most generally accepted currency.

This doesn’t mean that players in Australia need to settle, you will find many online betting sites that cater specifically to Australian players or at the very least offer Australian Dollar wagering to their members.

Harness Racing Action

Harness Horse Racing in Australia is also known as trotting locally. The biggest event in Harness Racing is the Inter Dominion Championship that takes place in Globe Derby Park in South Australia.

The AG Hunter Cup is another noteworthy event that features a longer than average race track.

The Finest Thoroughbred Racing

The biggest Horse Racing events in Australia is the Melbourne Cup, the VRC Oaks and the Victoria Derby. Smaller events, but no less prestigious include the Golden Slipper Stakes, the WS Cox Plate and the crown oaks betting.

Since online sports betting is such a competitive industry , you will find that often you will receive better odds online on the results of races as each site will set their own odds.

They set these more competitive odds in order to offer better deals to members and new bettors which will attract more customers and encourage more betting.

Thoroughbred Horse Racing in Australia features some of the most exciting and high stakes betting you will find anywhere.

Steeplechase Racing Action

For Horse Racing betting action with a bit more bite, Steeplechase racing offers you jumps added to regular racing. In Australia the main steeplechase events are held between March and September.

Many of the competing horses are former flat racing horse and not specifically bred for jumping obstacle.

The biggest steeplechase Horse Racing events include the Great Eastern Steeplechase and the Grand Annual.

The Steeplechase has gradually become less and less popular as many states have stopped hosting the annual events due to concerns for the horses’ safety. You can still find great local and international racing action at online betting shops though as they offer wagers on all the possible races.

Online Betting Puts You In Pole Position

Horse Racing betting in Australia is ideal for online wagering due to the popularity of the sport.

You can find so many great races to place wagers on with a variety of odds and betting options to keep things exciting.

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