Prison Protection for Casinos

In most countries where casino play is available, the casino is legally well protected against cheating. The courts have tended to favour the casinos and with all the high-tech security at casinos these days, the casinos generally have the evidence too. Prison sentences are regularly handed out to people caught cheating at casinos, although this prison deterrent is only as effective as the older system of casinos taking matters into their own hands.

Casinos are places where huge volumes of money reside, and where money is flowing consistently it will always be attractive to people of a nefarious nature. In the same way as casinos put the very latest in security on their casino floors, so people are using the latest in technology and trickery to avoid this security and get their hands on the money. The one protection that casino rely on is the deterrent of prison. Casinos therefore have an obligation to prosecute anyone they find using illegal methods of obtaining money at their venues, for the deterrent factor is the industry is crucial.

Courts Support the Casinos

In a recent example of this obligation to prosecute and send transgressors to prison, a Las Vegas casino recently prosecuted a casino analyst for contriving to rob them of some $900 000 by stealing small numbers of free spins from a large number of regular and loyal players. He then paid people to use these free spins in the casino to great effect, winning large amounts of money on the floor in a short space of time. This criminal was sentenced to 57 months in prison.

In an even more recent case, a player in the UK that used sleight of hand and card edge marking to mark cards in a way that could be identified. He would then be able to know what cards other players and the dealer were holding. This is a highly sophisticated method of cheating and takes some time to put into effect, but this Romanian national managed to fleece casino customers across the country out of untold volumes of money. He was known to have swindled the Playboy club in Mayfair out of 45 000 British Pounds in only one week. He was really only caught and convicted of using fake ID documents to get into clubs that he had been banned from, and now faces an extended prison sentence.

Criminals Try High-Tech Cheating Methods

Another example of casino’s determination to see criminals put into prison has happened in the very recent past in America. Using a similar technique to the UK case a year earlier, another player in the UK used the edge marking technique to win nearly eight million pounds from Crockfords Club in London. When the casino refused to pay, he sued them, and this led to a court case that ended up being ruled in favour of the casino and that his ‘edge-sorting’ method amounted to cheating.

Keeping Casino Floors Safe

A final case that elicited the punishment of prison in the USA happened in Louisiana, where a gang were convicted of using special contact lenses and special invisible ink to mark cards and win copious amounts of money. The threat of prison is crucial in keeping the casinos safe places to gamble for their millions of honest customers.


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