How to Play Win Wizard Online Slot Machine

Developed and released by Novomatic, the Win Wizard online slot offers players with 20 pay lines. This is a video slot that consists of 5 game reels, in a format that will be familiar to most modern online slot players.

Of course most players will be fully aware of all of the benefits of playing online slot games as compared to playing at a land based casino. These of course include the convenience of being able to play at any time that suits you, and from any location that you are comfortable with. As long as you have a computer in front of you that has access to the Internet, you can play the Win Wizard Novomatic slot whenever you like.

Most of the game symbols in this game are recognisable as fruit symbols, but there are a few additions to this. These include characters such as a Frog, a Crystal Ball, a number of different playing card symbols, and of course the Wizard icon, which is the hero of this slot game. For full details about all of the game symbols, as well as what the payouts can be for matching up certain symbols in different matching combinations, any player can just look at the game paytable. Of course the payouts will also depend on the amount you have wagered for that spin, so always keep this in mind when deciding how much you would like to bet.

Win Wizard Slot Features

There are a number of special features that form part of the Win Wizard online slot, all of which add to the game play experience that these mobile online casino pokies offer. The wild symbol for this game is the Frog icon, which is able to substitute for all of the other game symbols that show up on the Win Wizard reels. However, this wild symbol will only ever land on Reels 3, 4 and 5.

What the wild symbol is able to do is to fill all of the reels with Crystal Ball icons, which can help to result in a jackpot prize win for the player. Of course there is any number of playing or betting strategies that any online player might decide to make use of. One of these strategies involves placing the maximum bet on each and every spin. By doing this, you will put yourself in with a chance to win the main jackpot prize from Novomatic.

Winning with Novomatic Win Wizard

There are a number of other features to the Win Wizard online slot. This includes the Win Wizard bonus feature itself. This bonus can be activated if up to 5 of the game symbols appear on the reels at one time. The interesting part of this is that it has the potential of resulting in big wins for players. It is even possible to win between 5x and up to 500x the amount of your initial wager.

For full details about how this works, and how to win these big amounts, it is a good idea to refer to the paytable that should be available at the online casino where you are playing this slot.